Municipal public state enterprise "Merkensky College No. 9" At the Board of Education of the Akimat

Zhambyl region


Municipal public state enterprise "Merkensky College No. 9" At the Board of Education of the Akimat

Zhambyl region





Mamyrbaev Galymzhan Kyrykbaevich


Opening time


In 1953 in the Merken district was

open school of mechanization of rural

farms №102 UMSH.

1953 - UMHS

1958 - SPTU

1990 - PTSh


2007 - submarine

Based on the decision of the akimat

Zhambyl region №198 from 28

June 2012

renamed communal

state-owned enterprise

“Merken College No. 9” of the Education Administration of the Akimat of Zhambyl Oblast.





Sarymoldaevsky rural district

Merken district of Zhambyl region ,

Omarhodzhaev street number 1

License :


By Order No. 12013487 K P dated April 12, 2014 by the Department for Control in the Field

education of Zhambyl region

Ministry of Education and Science

Republic of Kazakhstan


Main area        -    Educational activities

Preparatory -    Computer Engineering and Software        

profession providing                                 

                                                - Bakery (by type)

                                               - Catering 

                                                - Turner and Metalworking

                                                - Agriculture (by profile)                                   

                                               - Electrical equipment of power plants and networks

                                                - Information systems


Language of instruction Kazakh language



Number of teachers Total-100 teachers

                                                      Of these, 13 are teachers

                                                      1 category-19 teachers

                                                      2 categories-29 teachers


Number of students Total-690 students

                                                       Full-time - 690 students

College Material Base For the preparation of agricultural specialties, there is 1 truck (ZIL-130), 3 - wheel tractor (MTZ-80, MTZ-82, MTZ-122) and 2 cars (VAZ 21-06) and 12 seats Gazelle "" GAZ-322132 ". The welding workshop is equipped with 4 workstations, 4 transformers for welding, 2 rectifiers, 2 welding units, an air cleaner and work surfaces, the workshop for locksmithing is equipped with a drilling machine, 2 mobile welding units (SAK), clamps.


In classrooms: 30 computers, 10 interactive whiteboards, 31 laptops are equipped with 24 personal computers, 30 monoblocks and 2 multimedia cabinets. 


Boiler House Heating Networks - Natural Gas                                        

Total land area : - 0.4963 ha                


         In recent years, in a specialized educational institution, new innovative teaching technologies and theoretical skills in the field of agriculture have been actively introduced.

       College students actively participate in regional and republican WorldSkills championships and as a result, in 2018, a college student took 3rd place in the competencies of “car repair” at the national championship “ WorldSkills Kazakhstan2018”.

         For practical training, contracts were concluded with 51 enterprises of the district, peasant farms and individual entrepreneurs, and are envisaged for practical training.

          In the dual training system covered but 150 students on specialties " F ermerskoe economy ", " Welding work" " Catering" , contracts with 22 organizations. Employment rate: the number of graduates who graduated in 2017 was 116, of which 94.8% were students. The number of graduates who graduated in 2018 is 153 people, of whom 94% are provided with student work .